Sydney City Open: Sun May 28, 2017    258 Karate divisions   24 Koshiki divisions   149 Grappling divisions
Online entries officially close on Friday evening 26th May 2017 at 6:00pm.

Koshiki divisions are run on the Koshiki ring while Karate and Grappling divisions are also being run.
If you are competing in more than one event at the same time, please ask someone from your team to inform officials that you may be delayed.
KK1  6yrs & under  Nov-Exp  
KK2  6yrs & under  Nov-Exp  
KK3  7yrs only  Nov-Exp  
KK4  7yrs only  Nov-Exp  
KK5  8-9yrs  Nov-Exp  
KK6  8-9yrs  Nov-Exp  
KK7  10-11yrs  Nov-Exp  
KK8  10-11yrs  Nov-Exp  
KK9  12-13yrs  Nov-Exp  
KK10  12-13yrs  Nov-Exp  
KK11  14-15yrs  Nov-Exp  
KK12  14-15yrs  Nov-Exp  
KK13  16-17yrs  Nov-Int  
KK14  16-17yrs  Adv-Exp  
KK15  16-17yrs  Nov-Int  
KK16  16-17yrs  Adv-Exp  
KK17  18-34yrs  Nov-Int  
KK18  18-34yrs  Adv-Exp  
KK19  18-30yrs  Nov-Int  
KK20  18-30yrs  Adv-Exp  
KK21  31yrs & over  Nov-Int  
KK22  31yrs & over  Adv-Exp  
KK23  35yrs & over  Nov-Int  
KK24  35yrs & over  Adv-Exp  



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