Sydney City Open: Sun May 20, 2018    210 Karate divisions   22 Koshiki divisions   149 Grappling divisions
Online entries officially close on Friday evening 18th May 2018 at 6:00pm.

Grappling divisions are run on the Jiu Jitsu / MMA rings while Karate and Koshiki divisions are also being run.
Divisions below are a guideline only. Grappling divisions use the Maddison Bracketing System to match fighters of similar weight.
Jiu Jitsu Juniors 
J2a  M/F  7-9yrs  Wht only to 26.9kg  
J2b  M/F  7-9yrs  Wht only 27.0-30.2kg  
J2c  M/F  7-9yrs  Wht only 30.3-33.2kg  
J2d  M/F  7-9yrs  Wht only 33.3-36.2kg  
J2e  M/F  7-9yrs  Wht only 36.3-39.3kg  
J2f  M/F  7-9yrs  Wht only 39.4-42.3kg  
J2g  M/F  7-9yrs  Wht only 42.4-45.3kg  
J2h  M/F  7-9yrs  Wht only 45.4kg+  
J3a  10-12yrs  Wht only to 32.1kg  
J3b  10-12yrs  Wht only 32.2-36.2kg  
J3c  10-12yrs  Wht only 36.3-40.3kg  
J3d  10-12yrs  Wht only 40.4-44.3kg  
J3e  10-12yrs  Wht only 44.4-48.3kg  
J3f  10-12yrs  Wht only 48.4-52.5kg  
J3g  10-12yrs  Wht only 52.6-56.5kg  
J3h  10-12yrs  Wht only 56.6-60.5kg  
J3i  10-12yrs  Wht only 60.6kg+  
J4a  10-12yrs  Wht only to 32.1kg  
J4b  10-12yrs  Wht only 32.2-36.2kg  
J4c  10-12yrs  Wht only 36.3-40.3kg  
J4d  10-12yrs  Wht only 40.4-44.3kg  
J4e  10-12yrs  Wht only 44.4-48.3kg  
J4f  10-12yrs  Wht only 48.4-52.5kg  
J4g  10-12yrs  Wht only 52.6-56.5kg  
J4h  10-12yrs  Wht only 56.6-60.5kg  
J4i  10-12yrs  Wht only 60.6kg+  
J5a  13-15yrs  Wht only to 44.2kg  
J5b  13-15yrs  Wht only 44.3-48.3kg  
J5c  13-15yrs  Wht only 48.4-52.5kg  
J5d  13-15yrs  Wht only 52.6-56.5kg  
J5e  13-15yrs  Wht only 56.6-60.5kg  
J5f  13-15yrs  Wht only 60.6-65.0kg  
J5g  13-15yrs  Wht only 65.1-69.0kg  
J5h  13-15yrs  Wht only 69.1-73.0kg  
J5i  13-15yrs  Wht only 73.1kg+  
J6a  13-15yrs  Wht only to 44.2kg  
J6b  13-15yrs  Wht only 44.3-48.3kg  
J6c  13-15yrs  Wht only 48.4-52.5kg  
J6d  13-15yrs  Wht only 52.6-56.5kg  
J6e  13-15yrs  Wht only 56.6-60.5kg  
J6f  13-15yrs  Wht only 60.6-65.0kg  
J6g  13-15yrs  Wht only 65.1-69.0kg  
J6h  13-15yrs  Wht only 69.1-73.0kg  
J6i  13-15yrs  Wht only 73.1kg+  
J7a  16-17yrs  Wht only to 58.4kg  
J7b  16-17yrs  Wht only 58.5-64.0kg  
J7c  16-17yrs  Wht only 64.1-69.0kg  
J7d  16-17yrs  Wht only 69.1-74.0kg  
J7e  16-17yrs  Wht only 74.1-79.3kg  
J7f  16-17yrs  Wht only 79.4-84.3kg  
J7g  16-17yrs  Wht only 84.4-89.3kg  
J7h  16-17yrs  Wht only 89.4kg+  
J8a  16-17yrs  Blu only to 58.4kg  
J8b  16-17yrs  Blu only 58.5-64.0kg  
J8c  16-17yrs  Blu only 64.1-69.0kg  
J8d  16-17yrs  Blu only 69.1-74.0kg  
J8e  16-17yrs  Blu only 74.1-79.3kg  
J8f  16-17yrs  Blu only 79.4-84.3kg  
J8g  16-17yrs  Blu only 84.4-89.3kg  
J8h  16-17yrs  Blu only 89.4kg+  
J9a  16-17yrs  Wht-Blu to 48.2kg  
J9b  16-17yrs  Wht-Blu 48.3-52.5kg  
J9c  16-17yrs  Wht-Blu 52.6-56.5kg  
J9d  16-17yrs  Wht-Blu 56.6-60.5kg  
J9e  16-17yrs  Wht-Blu 60.6-65.0kg  
J9f  16-17yrs  Wht-Blu 65.1kg+  
Jiu Jitsu Adults 
J10a  18yrs & over  Wht only to 63.9kg  
J10b  18yrs & over  Wht only 64.0-70.1kg  
J10c  18yrs & over  Wht only 70.2-76.0kg  
J10d  18yrs & over  Wht only 76.1-82.3kg  
J10e  18yrs & over  Wht only 82.4-88.3kg  
J10f  18yrs & over  Wht only 88.4-94.3kg  
J10g  18yrs & over  Wht only 94.4-100.5kg  
J10h  18yrs & over  Wht only 100.6kg+  
J11a  18yrs & over  Wht only to 53.4kg  
J11b  18yrs & over  Wht only 53.5-58.5kg  
J11c  18yrs & over  Wht only 58.6-64.0kg  
J11d  18yrs & over  Wht only 64.1-69.0kg  
J11e  18yrs & over  Wht only 69.1-74.0kg  
J11f  18yrs & over  Wht only 74.1-79.0kg  
J11g  18yrs & over  Wht only 79.1kg+  
J12a  18yrs & over  Blu only to 63.9kg  
J12b  18yrs & over  Blu only 64.0-70.1kg  
J12c  18yrs & over  Blu only 70.2-76.0kg  
J12d  18yrs & over  Blu only 76.1-82.3kg  
J12e  18yrs & over  Blu only 82.4-88.3kg  
J12f  18yrs & over  Blu only 88.4-94.3kg  
J12g  18yrs & over  Blu only 94.4-100.5kg  
J12h  18yrs & over  Blu only 100.6kg+  
J13a  18yrs & over  Blu only to 53.4kg  
J13b  18yrs & over  Blu only 53.5-58.5kg  
J13c  18yrs & over  Blu only 58.6-64.0kg  
J13d  18yrs & over  Blu only 64.1-69.0kg  
J13e  18yrs & over  Blu only 69.1-74.0kg  
J13f  18yrs & over  Blu only 74.1-79.0kg  
J13g  18yrs & over  Blu only 79.1kg+  
J14a  18yrs & over  Ppl only to 63.9kg  
J14b  18yrs & over  Ppl only 64.0-70.1kg  
J14c  18yrs & over  Ppl only 70.2-76.0kg  
J14d  18yrs & over  Ppl only 76.1-82.3kg  
J14e  18yrs & over  Ppl only 82.4-88.3kg  
J14f  18yrs & over  Ppl only 88.4-94.3kg  
J14g  18yrs & over  Ppl only 94.4-100.5kg  
J14h  18yrs & over  Ppl only 100.6kg+  
J15a  18yrs & over  Ppl only to 53.4kg  
J15b  18yrs & over  Ppl only 53.5-58.5kg  
J15c  18yrs & over  Ppl only 58.6-64.0kg  
J15d  18yrs & over  Ppl only 64.1-69.0kg  
J15e  18yrs & over  Ppl only 69.1-74.0kg  
J15f  18yrs & over  Ppl only 74.1-79.0kg  
J15g  18yrs & over  Ppl only 79.1kg+  
J16a  18yrs & over  Brn only to 63.9kg  
J16b  18yrs & over  Brn only 64.0-70.1kg  
J16c  18yrs & over  Brn only 70.2-76.0kg  
J16d  18yrs & over  Brn only 76.1-82.3kg  
J16e  18yrs & over  Brn only 82.4-88.3kg  
J16f  18yrs & over  Brn only 88.4-94.3kg  
J16g  18yrs & over  Brn only 94.4-100.5kg  
J16h  18yrs & over  Brn only 100.6kg+  
J17a  18yrs & over  Brn only to 53.4kg  
J17b  18yrs & over  Brn only 53.5-58.5kg  
J17c  18yrs & over  Brn only 58.6-64.0kg  
J17d  18yrs & over  Brn only 64.1-69.0kg  
J17e  18yrs & over  Brn only 69.1-74.0kg  
J17f  18yrs & over  Brn only 74.1-79.0kg  
J17g  18yrs & over  Brn only 79.1kg+  
J18a  18yrs & over  Blk only to 63.9kg  
J18b  18yrs & over  Blk only 64.0-70.1kg  
J18c  18yrs & over  Blk only 70.2-76.0kg  
J18d  18yrs & over  Blk only 76.1-82.3kg  
J18e  18yrs & over  Blk only 82.4-88.3kg  
J18f  18yrs & over  Blk only 88.4-94.3kg  
J18g  18yrs & over  Blk only 94.4-100.5kg  
J18h  18yrs & over  Blk only 100.6kg+  
J19a  18yrs & over  Blk only to 53.4kg  
J19b  18yrs & over  Blk only 53.5-58.5kg  
J19c  18yrs & over  Blk only 58.6-64.0kg  
J19d  18yrs & over  Blk only 64.1-69.0kg  
J19e  18yrs & over  Blk only 69.1-74.0kg  
J19f  18yrs & over  Blk only 74.1-79.0kg  
J19g  18yrs & over  Blk only 79.1kg+  
No Gi Grappling 
NG1  M/F  18yrs & over  All Levels to 60.0kg  
NG2  M/F  18yrs & over  All Levels 61.0-65.0kg  
NG3  M/F  18yrs & over  All Levels 66.0-70.0kg  
NG4  M/F  18yrs & over  All Levels 71.0-76.0kg  
NG5  M/F  18yrs & over  All Levels 77.0-83.0kg  
NG6  M/F  18yrs & over  All Levels 84.0-91.0kg  
NG7  M/F  18yrs & over  All Levels 92.0-109.0kg  
NG8  M/F  18yrs & over  All Levels 110.0kg+  


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