Other Questions

What is Karate-Ratings.com?
Karate-Ratings.com is where you go for tournaments and ratings. All Competitors register with accurate information and get a lifetime registration ID. Coaches register exactly the same way. Coaches use their lifetime registration ID to enter tournaments as a competitor. Promoters can also be a coach and a competitor, all with the same lifetime ID. The reason for getting all competitors to register with accurate information is to make the whole tournament and ratings experience easier for everyone.

How much does it cost to register?
Registration is free.

What happens if I register more than once?
Multiple registrations will cause ratings points to be lost. Most details can be viewed by logging in and visiting your Profile. Please contact us if you feel there is something else which needs correcting.

Why has ISKA gone to Karate-Ratings.com?
Phil Scott and the team behind Karate-Ratings are the same people who have been providing ISKA ratings since 1993. The domain name "Karate-Ratings.com" has been used to host all ISKA ratings since 2005.

Why do clubs need to register?
Many clubs (not all) are known by multiple names and multiple spellings of names by students and parents of students. This generates a lot of confusion and causes some clubs to be ranked lower than they should be. When a club is registered, it is easier for students and their parents to select the correct club name from a list.

Can a coach register more than one training club?
Yes. We encourage coaches to register training dojos in different suburbs to make it easier for students and parents to find. If the coach tells their students which dojo to select as the "Competition Club", then this club will have all the ratings points added together (as well as separately in the individual dojos).

Why must the tournament club name kept short?
A club called "Makup Ryu International Martial Arts Clubs and Fitness Training Centres of Australia, Outback Creek". Will be abbreviated to "Makup Ryu, Outback Creek". The main reason for this is club pride. When the top rated teams are announced at tournaments, the clubs with 2 words get the biggest cheer from their team. Clubs with long names generate confusion. Short names also allow us to fit your tournament club name on the ratings pages. Note that your tournament club name can be anything that is short (and original).

Who can access my information?
Information is used to contact competitors regarding their tournament entries only. The whole Karate-Ratings.com database is kept private. Please see the terms and conditions for more details.



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